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Desert Now in collaboration with Julian Charrière and Felix Kiessling
Los Angeles, 2016
Steve Turner is pleased to present a collaborative exhibition featuring new work by three of Berlin’s most impressive young artists – Julius von Bismarck, Julian Charrière and Felix Kiessling. A quixotic reflection upon the American desert through its representation in museums — especially quirky local ones — Desert Now is also a playful engagement with modernism’s impact on the built environment and the legacy of Land Art. The exhibition takes the form of a museum, whose displays alternate between kitsch, infotainment, the prim, the profane and the pedagogical. From sand dune and atom bomb to gift shop and washroom, Desert Now surveys the strange panorama of Southwestern imagery in its many charms and contradictions. Known for their adventurous site-specific interventions atop icebergs in the North Atlantic, restricted military facilities, forests, deserts and sea, von Bismarck, Charrière, and Kiessling’s individual artistic practices all share a concern with inhuman forces, elemental materials and processes that play out in enormous scales of time and space. Charting a path between the profound and the absurd, their work offers timely reflections upon the relationship between nature and culture.