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OMOH Moskow, 2014

OMOH from Studio Julius von Bismarck.


A group of uniformed police officers stand in a compact group in the exhibi- tion space. Their individual bodies move almost imperceptibly. One adjusts his shoulder; another makes a slight body movement; and others seem to shift their weight from one leg to another. The movements of the individuals at first seem natural, and the viewer believes to be watching a group of uniformed indivi- duals who are trying to stand still for as long as possible. The group has been positioned so that the visitor must pass by the group closely to reach the rest of the exhibition. Either at this point, or after an extended period of observation, viewers notice that the movements of the police officers repeat and that not all of the figures are human. In an exhibition of the work at the Winzavod Center for Contemporary Art, Moscow, sixteen animated figures and a number of real people were dressed in the uniforms of the OMOH, a special police unit. When exhibited at Kunst-Werke in Berlin, the figures were outfitted with the uniforms and gear of the German riot police.


OMOH, Moskow, 2014


OMOH, Moskow, 2014