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KunstIn collaboration with Julian Charrière, Egypt, Germany, Iceland, Mexico and Switzerland, 2012 - 2015


Kunst is a series of single words inscribed by the artists Julius von Bismarck and Julian Charrièrre on different—primarily natural—settings. The giant letters “WIESE” mark a sloping field; “WALD” is scrawled across an expanse of closely-knit fir trees marking the beginning of the forest; and the seven-meter-high letters “JUNGLE” describe the dense blanket of leaves and vines that form the background. Always documented by a photograph, this series seems to be naming the obvious in the tautological gesture of a picture book. Carrying implications inherent to the colonial act of claiming and labeling a landscape and suggesting the logic of a graffiti tag, each work of Kunst involves a range of logistical challenges to create the large, legible letters of each word. In different cases the artists used paint rollers, paint sprayers, a large team of helpers, and even fire extinguishers to impose human language onto a natural scenario. The project is ongoing, carried out by autonomously acting international graffiti artists.


Kunst, in collaboration with Julian Charrière (Wiese), 2013


Kunst, in collaboration with Julian Charrière (Crater), 2013


Kunst, in collaboration with Julian Charrière (Jungle), 2015