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Grenzen der Intelligenzen alexander levy, Berlin, 2024

https://juliusvonbismarck.com/bank/files/gimgs/th-96_01_JVB_Grenzen der Intelligenzen_2024_1 (copy).jpg

Grenzen der Intelligenzen, installation view at alexander levy, Berlin 2024. Photo: Marcus Schneider, 2024.

In the video work Grenzen der Intelligenzen (Boundaries of Intelligences) a fluorescent lamp pulsates and rhythmically radiates its light into the darkened exhibition space. Simultaneously the gallery lights are flickering. On closer examination, insects can be seen circling the neon tube in the video. For millions of years, luminous celestial bodies have served as insects’ main orientation points, this has been disrupted by human intervention in their environment, our use of artificial light makes it impossible for these animals to navigate their habitats. Perpetually flying in circles, they are at the mercy of death by exhaustion. Von Bismarck films their death flights and, in using a slow-motion camera, the artist is also able to make the inherent flickering of fluorescent lamps perceptible to the human eye. The analogous lights in the gallery simulate this deceleration paralleling the underlying question of human navigational ability.

https://juliusvonbismarck.com/bank/files/gimgs/th-96_02_JvB_Grenzen der Intelligenzen_v2.jpg

Grenzen der Intelligenzen, 2024, 4k video, stereo sound, 20 min., (video still).

https://juliusvonbismarck.com/bank/files/gimgs/th-96_03_JvB_Grenzen der Intelligenzen.jpg

Grenzen der Intelligenzen, 2024, 4k video, stereo sound, 20 min., (video still).