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Self Revolving TorusBeijing, 2010

Self-Revolving Torus, Beijing, 2010 (video)


Installation view Self-Revolving Torus, Beijing, 2010

The series of sculptures titled Self-Revolving Torus consists of tori, that are animated by their self-revolving surfaces made of varied materials such as leather, fur, and aluminium. The three-dimensional geometric form of each torus, ranging from 40cm to 140cm in diameter, is transformed into a moving object that constantly folds inward on itself. Powered by an internal motor beneath its crumpled skin, the object rotates through the central hole, turning the body inside-out. Shuffling across the floor, the torus seems alive: it travels the world’s seemingly flat surface by self-absorption and -ejection. The shape of the universe has been postulated to be a torus, and the Self-Revolving Torus describes the impossibility of the human mind to comprehend more than three dimensions of space.


Installation view Self-Revolving Torus, Beijing, 2010 | mixed media, 43 x 90 x 90cm


Self-Revolving Torus, Beijing, 2010 | mixed media, 46 x 108 x 108cm