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Hütte Addis Ababa, 2012

In Addis Ababa the artist constructed a hut made of locally grown, vertically arranged eucalyptus wood and corrugated iron. The hut was built in accordance with traditional construction techniques, which do not use any diagonal elements. It was equipped with a motor that set the structure in motion, causing the building to lean slowly to one side until the formerly vertical boards were inclined by approximately 35 degrees. It then moved upright again before tilting in the other direction. All vertical lines tilt, all horizontal lines shift—and the hut becomes a parallelogram. After a certain amount of time, the construction collapsed and the hut lay sprawled flat across the ground.


Hütte, process photo, 2012


Hütte, Addis Ababa, 2012


Hütte, Addis Ababa, 2012