>> some pigeons are more equal than others

in collaboration with Julian Charriere

Copenhagen, Venice 2012

>> Punishment I

Germany, Swizerland, Brazil, USA, 2011/12

>> Polo

Mittelpunkt einer Bewegung

Berlin 2011

>> Public Face II

an eight meter high smiley made out of steel and neon tubes, installed on a lighthouse, showing the present emotions of the citizens of Lindau

Lindau im Bodensee, 2010

>> Self Revolving Torus

a model of the universe

Berlin & Beijing, 2010

>> Von der Decke zum Boden

a metal sphere, that falls from the steeling to the ground

Berlin, 2010

>> The Space Beyond Me

an apparatus that, transforms a film back into space

Berlin, 2010

>> The Perpetual Storytelling Apparatus

a drawing machine illustrating a never-ending story by the use of patent drawings

Berlin, 2009

>> The Image Fulgurator

Aparat zur minimal-invasiven Manipulation von Fotographien

Berlin & Beijing, 2007/2008

>> Pubic Face I

gigantic smiley over Berlin -
an average emotion measuring and displaying stystem

Berlin, 2008

>> Top Shot Helmet

apparatus for seeing your self from above
Berlin 2007

>>New York Dorm

after-image projection - 27 images / 7 minute loop
New York, October 2007